The Bogey Counter saves again

I drive the same four-mile undulating stretch of road to work every day. There are two Your-Speed-Is radar signs along the route about two miles apart. Between is a small shopping center frequently used as an ambush point. So I expect to have one false alarm on each end of my trip and, occasionally, another that’s real radar if there is a speed trap under way.

This day I have two signals ahead, and when I pass the first radar sign I have one behind and one ahead. When I pass the shopping center I still have one ahead and one behind. Normally I would pass the long slog of commuters, but with an unknown ahead, a bogey, I stay tucked in. Another car, a fast mover, loses patience with the commuter conga line and starts passing on the left. That’s when I hear the woop-woop. Turns out, four or five cars ahead, an unmarked LEO SUV was doing the speed limit in the slow lane, waiting for someone to blow by. This explains why I still had an arrow pointing ahead and two bogeys on the Counter.

Mike, the arrows and the Counter ROCK!

Alberto Alcala
San Antonio, TX