The Cousin Bogey Search

V1 let me “get one” on a favorite cousin that I will never let him live down.

The cousin, at the time, was a LEO for the county we both call home. He always loved the fact that the department could afford new cars and all the latest equipment, especially the speed detecting devices. When stopping someone, if they had a detector, he would note the brand. His intention was to rub it in the day he finally pulled someone with a V1.

His quest stems from a long running debate between him and me as

to who had the better technology, his radar or my V1’s ability to detect him before he detects me. The fact that he had never pulled over anyone with a V1 he would explain away as coincidence.

I travel extensively with my job, often not seeing home for several months at a time. So when I have time off, I’ve often ridden along with my cousin to visit and to vicariously take part in every “he-said, she-said” in the entire county on Friday nights after payday.

This story happened when I got an unexpected break in my schedule. After driving for several hours I arrived home, anxious to find where everyone was. I called my cousin’s cell only to find that he was out moon lighting in his cruiser in another town. He told me that some artifacts had been discovered at a dig, and his job was to make sure no one messed with the site.

He invited me to come on up. He was running radar just for sport, but he had to keep moving in order to cover his patrol area. I should call when I got close and he’d give me his location.

A couple hours later, as I reached for the phone, a thought occurred. Knowing he was running the radar, and his general whereabouts, I wondered if I could find him with V1’s Radar Locator?

It took several stop-and-back-ups, and a few turn-arounds, but maybe a half-hour later I pulled into a dead-end circle where his cruiser and one of the locals were setting side by side, shooting traffic on the adjoining road. He was all torqued up when I told him that he had been tracked down by a Valentine One. They made me prove it by taking each one back up the road, and following the arrows back to their hideout.

The funniest thing was watching their faces as their confidence was stripped by the power of my sweet Valentine.

Ralph Pearson
Lexington, TX