The everyday story of double jeopardy

I am a retired police officer, very experienced with radar, and let me tell all you folks, there is only one radar detector I would recommend–Valentine One.

Back in my duty days we would position two unmarked vehicles a ways apart, both shooting radar. A detector user would go by the first car and, thinking he was past the threat, speed up again and we’d nail him with the secondary unit.

But V1 users don’t fall for that one. That is why the Valentine is superior. It has the arrows to tell location and the Bogey Counter to remind you how many threats are actually in range.

All my family members have Valentines and we will not settle for anything else Forget about the built-in GPS devices. Remember law enforcement changes its tactics on a day to day basis so the GPS is always working on old information.

Raul Estevez
Branchburg, NJ