The fish that got away

While southbound on the interstate in a three-car gaggle, V1 picked up a trooper going the opposite direction, so we all became saints in short order—a typical day with V1.

Not too long after the cruiser passed, V1 gave me two blips from the rear, separated a bit in time. I normally wouldn’t worry, but this seemed odd; I wouldn’t expect, in the middle of nowhere, to get a new signal from behind. So I peeled off at the next exit for fuel, and to lie low, just in case. The other two vehicles continued southbound.

Soon after returning to the interstate, I came upon those two vehicles again–both were pulled over by a single trooper. Without the rear detection capabilities of the V1, I would have been the third fish on the stringer.

Knowing where–front, side, or behind–greatly multiplies a detector’s effectiveness. I always drive with V1 protection.

John Murray
Grapevine, TX