The “Good Boy” Benny

I was running late, and perhaps a little above the speed limit. Suddenly V1 reminded that I’m traveling in the ticket zone, so of course I slowed down.

As the intensity meter increased and the arrow pointed straight ahead, my foot naturally relaxed on the gas. But my pulse didn’t. I always find it exciting to know where the danger is coming from.

Soon a squad car appeared and zoomed past. I continued to check him out in my mirror. To my surprise, he braked hard and whipped around. Needless to say, I was confused. He caught up to me immediately. When the light bar came on I pulled over.

The officer told me he noticed my inspection sticker was past due—it was the wrong color—but because I was obeying the speed limit he was just going to give me a warning.

Richard Rosebrook
Porter Corners, NY

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