The Max with the micro arrows

A friend wanted to show off his new toy. He knew I had a V1, and that I was an Arrows Guy, so he was going to show me that his “newer” detector was better. He decided to go with the Escort Max 360 because he said V1 had been the same “forever.”

Of course I was interested in how it performed, but the dinky arrows aren’t easy to see, and the warning sounds just didn’t add up. He added that he also had the built-in GPS and the “live app.” Apparently he’d never heard of WAZE.

When we came back from driving his car, we sat in my car and he saw the difference. Instead of having to look at the center of his windshield to see his mini arrows, he saw the V1 remote display I’ve mounted in my instrument cluster, showing signal strength, band ID, bogey counter and capital-A-size ARROWS right in front of me. I then proceeded to convert him by showing him my V1connection and the third-party V1Driver app on my iPhone, which put his GPS and live-app arguments to rest.

I’ve upgraded my V1 through the years, but I keep checking out the competition, and so far, V1 is still The One.
Tim Hankewycz
Dobbs Ferry, NY