The One To Have When You’re Having More Than One

I was westbound on Oregon Highway 26 coming over Mt. Hood, traveling quickly, with a small sports car following. I picked up an instant on, very weak, and dropped to 55. The sports car had a detector, but he continued on for half a mile before he hit his brakes. We both continued at 55 for maybe three miles when we saw a state car coming toward us with his radar playing.

As soon as he went by we both jumped back up to cruising speed. Shortly, in not more than a quarter mile, I picked up a second, stronger, instant on from the front. I dropped to 55 again but the other guy pointed behind to the stater that just went by, and opened up on me.

Six miles up the road I saw the same sports car, this time pulled over and talking to another stater. Turns out the first one was just a decoy. I stopped up the road to get a bite. After about twenty minutes the sports car pulled in; he wanted to ask me what I had for a detector. “Valentine one” I told him; “I swear by it.” He had a Passport. My arrows and bogey counter made the difference.

Greg Buckland
Portland, OR