The Signs of the Man

I was traveling to work on my motorcycle via my usual route, V1 plugged in and switched on.

“Brap.” it said, and ahead I could see one of those portable “information” radars that tell you your speed. Usually, most people slow down, then speed up right away when they’re past, myself included—but what’s this? It’s showing me two radars, the sign I’ve just passed and another ahead. Sure enough, sitting on the next corner in the “radar shadow” of the “your speed is” radar is a motorcycle cop with his gun aimed at traffic. This must be a new tactic here—I’ve never seen it before—but within three blocks I hit the same setup once again. V1 with indicators for band, radar location, and number of radars, saved me not once but twice in three blocks.


Bill Dwyer
Victoria, BC, CANADA

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