The Things You Do For A Friend

I told my good friend about radar detectors and advised him to get the V1 Gen2.  Two weeks later he hands me a new Escort Max and asks me to test it for him.  Duh!  After giving him the most penetrating stare I could muster on such short notice, I finally agreed.     

In search of an encounter or two, I mounted both detectors on my Mustang GT’s windshield for a drive from Apple Valley out to Barstow on interstate 15.  On the way, Gen2 started detecting Ka way out of sight, over a mile and a half on the odo.  The Escort picked up the CHIP at about a mile.  This was an easy one as I was on flat ground and the CHIP was up on a ramp.     

When I turned around at Barstow, I found that my test bogey had moved.  After some double-digit number of miles, Gen2 again picked up a Ka.  Nada on the Escort.  I slowed, not wanting to miss the source.  Gen2 went to full alert.  The Escort remained silent.  Then, as we topped a rise on the freeway, there was CHIPPY, shooting at close range.  Escort finally woke up.   

I took the Max back to my friend and couldn’t resist saying “If you like road-side conversations with The Man, keep it.  Otherwise, get V1 Gen2 like I told you.” 

Tim Nunn
Apple Valley, CA