Things That Go Beeeeeeep in the Night

I drive a fuel truck for a living and decided to test V1 Gen2’s range against radar out in the Nevada desert, to see if I could get a really long-range detect, aka, a moon sniff.

It was nighttime, so under the cover of darkness I clamped Gen2 to the visor, connected my phone and tapped the JBV1 app. I left the speedtrap town of Searchlight, NV, and started picking up a sniff of 34.7 Ka band. I watched my speed and bumbled along US 95 at the speed limit while the V1 Gen2 kept alerting, arrows pointing forward. When I reached the town of Cal-Nev-Ari, NV, nine miles later, I spotted the source, a Las Vegas metro cruiser inviting a customer to pay his dues.

I checked the logs later that night; it was a nine-mile detect. I’m impressed for sure. Too bad I can’t tell the dues payer of the V1 work-around.

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Kingman, AZ