Think Long Range Only Longer, Much Longer

When COVID kicked in we began commuting between Austin, TX and Denver, CO.  It’s roughly a thousand-mile drive and we do this every six weeks or so. 

With V1 Gen2, it’s been astonishing just how many times we get an alert MILES before seeing the source.  At first, my wife didn’t understand why I wasn’t speeding back up — “surely that was a false!” — only to come upon a well-hidden enforcer way down the road. 

Given that 95 percent of the trip is on secondary roads, and its well-known how small-town Texas authorities are notorious for their speed traps, I can’t imagine driving this route without our V1 up there looking out for us. 

The V1 Gen2 isn’t just great–this thing’s insanely great!

Ray Thompson
Austin, TX