Thirty Days, No Return

I decided to replace my old radar detector with a V1. The first run with it was a weekend road trip from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. On the way out, I received a few false alarms, but no sign of authority figures. The return trip would be the true test of whether I keep the unit or take advantage of the 30-day return policy.

Shortly after leaving Palm Springs, as I was cruising in the fast lane, V1 alerted me to a single Ka bogey behind. It was a rather intense signal that would come and go for a few miles. All the while, I scanned behind me but couldn’t see the culprit. As the signal strengthened, I figured, “Better safe than sorry,” and pulled to the second lane to let traffic pass. Within a minute I saw a highway patrol cruiser change lanes three cars behind me. Bingo!

As the cruiser passed me on the right, he turned on his lights and nabbed a car that had recently passed me on the left.

About 20 minutes later, V1 alerted me to two Ka bogeys, ahead this time. Sure enough, within a minute or so, I could see two patrol cars pulled to the right of the road; they had just caught another hapless traveler.

I was originally skeptical of V1’s claims, but no more. The directional arrows and bogey counter are revolutionary, and truly set this unit above all others. My wife and I are just blown away. Thanks, Mike!

Christopher Antola
Los Angeles, CA