Three-AM infarction warning

I was driving from Chicago to Minneapolis–remember the moment like it was yesterday. I got a late start and was in the middle of nowhere around three in the morning. I was heading up a slight hill on the interstate into a bend to the right.

About half way up the grade I came to a slow-moving semi. As soon as I eased into the left lane to begin the pass, I get zapped with laser. The shriek of V1’s laser warning kicked me into infarction mode, which made my stab on the brakes even more urgent.

That done, I continued to make the pass as if nothing had happened. And I could see nothing ahead. But half a mile further, on the left shoulder, is a Statey. He zaps me four more times but now I am doing the Dudley Do-Right, 65 on the button.
As I pass he lights ’em up. I’m in full-court infarction now, sure I’ve earned myself a trip to the Middle-of-Nowhere, Wisconsin, for a guided tour of their fine courthouse. But he never pulled out!
What I believe happened was the laser beam bounced off the side of the semi and V1 caught it. By the time I became visible around the truck, I was legal and his readout confirmed it. He probably lit me up just to let me know that he knew but didn’t have the goods on me.
V1 amazes me all the time. My family members all have V1s of their own now, too.

William Pinel
Apopka, Florida

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