Three Door Openers & Three Shooters

I drive the same route every day on the outskirts of Memphis, the Nonconnah Pkwy. Driving it so frequently, I’ve learned the “false” alarm patterns along the way. Certain parts of this highway are owned by the county, not the city. They have no street lights. As we “targets” pass through, we can’t see who might be waiting for us.

I was driving home one Friday night around 9 o’clock. One of my recognized alert spots is a new-car dealership just off the highway, with automatic doors and alarms. As I approach I always get a warning on K band, either two bogeys or three. But on this evening V1 called six bogeys dead ahead, all on K. I eased off and steered into the right lane.

I am sooo glad I did. Running a speed trap in pitch black there at the dealership were three Shelby County Sheriff’s cruisers, and they we’re nailing people. WOW!

Mike, I know if I had any other detector, all those that don’t count bogies, I would have ignored the warning, just because there’s an alarm in that spot every day. I would have been nailed, same as the crowd. Thanks for a great detector.

Joseph DiMotta
Collierville, TN