Three-Hundred Horsepower

I’m the proud owner of a 2001 Cadillac DTS. I pay enough in registration fees and taxes without paying more in “supplementals” to a greedy state that writes one million traffic tickets a year.

I was driving south on Vasco Road, a serene two-lane highway in northern California, surrounded by windmill farms and rolling hills. I accelerated to overtake a slow dump truck when V1 showed two Ka radars ahead. I got such an early warning that a gentle brake was all I needed to avoid even a hint of suspicion.

Sighted: One California Highway Patrol car on the right. But V1 still said two radars ahead.

Coming around the bend I saw a CHP officer on a motorcycle. The glare of the hot inland sun off his white helmet made him almost invisible, but with the help of my trusted Valentine One I saw him well before he could “see” me.

Just down the road, two more motorcycles, and radar. After I passed, V1 reported a shot in the back. Motorcycle takes off, blue strobe lights flash, the rider’s right hand points to the side of the road協or a pickup truck! Direct hit! The fallen driver pulls over to sign his supplemental tax bill.

Any ordinary detector would have just beeped for a speed trap like that. Valentine One gave me real intelligence that allowed me to keep my wallet in my pocket. My driving record has stayed clean for the past four years and my insurance rates are reasonable. For a 27-year old driving a car with 300 horsepower, that’s an accomplishment!

Jack Singh