Trunks Up, Aim, Fire!

My V1 and I have witnessed plenty of devious scenarios in the past 130,000 miles, but this incident in Maryland takes the cake.

I was cruising home from the office at, let’s say, express speed in light traffic when my V1 brapped out two Ka bogeys ahead, then stopped. Maryland has few Ka false alarms. Ahead was a rise in the highway with a bridge above. I knew it was time to blend into traffic.

As we all top the hill, I see nothing close. Instead, a mile up, we see two Crown Vicky troopers with their trunks up, yellow flashers on, helping a stranded Explorer with her tire. Everybody resumes their 70, but I lag back.

BRAAAPP! V1 goes full strength as the pack approaches the Vics. But from where is the signal? As I pass, I spot uniformed troopers in the back seats of their Crown Vickys, aiming their radar guns out back through the gap of their raised trunk lids. Whoa!

The “stranded motorist” then immediately hopped into her Explorer and starts herding various members of the pack over to the side. Only in Maryland….

Call me a reverend in the Church of Mike.

Joe Kramlinger
Columbia, MD