Two eyes are good, V1 is better

This has happened to me twice. I regularly make a road trip from Canon City, CO, to Grand Junction to visit on my parents. Heading west on highway 50 between the towns of Montrose and Delta there’s a section of highway where the speed limit drops to 55, then to 45 before coming to a stop light in the town of Olathe. After the stop it steps back up to 55 and then 65.

Of course, I have V1 on duty and as I come to the section where the limit increases to 55, I get a Ka hit. I hold at 55 while the strength meter increases and about a half mile up the road, I see an enforcer off to the right, hiding behind a bush.

If I was without V1, I never would have seen him until it was too late. Mike, you make a great detector.

Cameron Kuhns
Canon City. CO