Two is Trouble

My local LEOs have been strapping speed-detection units to utility poles around town. They leave them up in an area for a few weeks and then move to a new location. Of course, my V1 Gen2 picks these signals up long before I reach the spot. You get used to these locations and can easily ignore the alerts, but that little number on V1’s display doesn’t want to be ignored.

Recently I was traveling toward one of these nuisances that I already knew about, but this time the Bogey Counter flashed a “2.” I warily slowed to the limit and cruised past. The “2” stayed in place. Patiently I continued along. Sure enough, maybe a few hundred yards past the stationary signal, there she was, sitting in her LEO-mobile with a radar gun out the window. V1 Gen2 wasn’t fooled. Thanks, Mike.

Rob Rindini
Bridgewater, MA

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