Two sheriffs maintaining the peace

I knew that the 55-zone I was in dropped abruptly to a residential 35 just ahead. My V1 sounded off, as it had numerous times before on this daily commute, indicating a radar ambush barely into the 35 zone.

I should add that this 35 mph zone contains a sharp “S” curve, first turning right and then left, and spanning a quarter mile. I cruised safely by the sheriff hiding outside the first curve. The signal bar graph showed full strength as I eased past him at 35. Simultaneously the Ahead arrow changed to Beside, then Behind.

But immediately the Ahead arrow came on again. Now I’ve got both Ahead and Behind arrows blazing. Great, I thought to myself, V1 has lost its mind.

But wait, the bogey counter was showing two. As I entered the second half of the S, I spotted another sheriff car, also running radar and tucked into his hidey spot.

V1 was right! What a diabolical trap. If I still had my old Cobra, I would have probably sped up after passing the first radar, thinking I was in the clear.

What a marvelous, well-engineered instrument. Thank you, Valentine, for such a splendid design.

David Hogan
Ellerbe, NC