Two Someones Watching Over Me

I was on my way to church in my M roadster to prepare music for the three services; I’m the music director.

My V1 started beeping on K band, indicating radar ahead. I slowed, and within a half a mile I noticed a State Trooper had already pulled over a poor soul (Sorry for the pun). With V1’s volume lowered, I continued on. It kept beeping on K band, now with one arrow indicating behind and another pointing ahead.

Yes, there was another Trooper just waiting to get someone. Me!

With any other detector, I would have ignored the alarm, thinking that it was still beeping for the one I had just passed. I do love my V1. I had a Passport 8500 and a couple of others over the years, and looking back I should have gotten this one from the beginning.

When I travel, I know that God is watching after me. And, yes, so is Mike.

John Kunu
Address withheld