Uncle Knows Best

Interstate 57 between Cairo, IL, and Effingham runs through the notorious Pulaski County. I am in the lead car with my V1; my nephew is following in his car.

He calls on the cell to ask why I was slowing down. My personal bird dog was barking, I told him, and it pointed to the side after we went under the overpass. He laughed with disbelief and hung up. Three miles went by and V1 is still barking, so I called him to have look behind. The arrow is locked in on the rear. He said it was the car we passed a couple miles back.

“You sure?” I asked. He said, “yes.”

Almost immediately he called again. “How did you know that was a trooper?”

I told him, when my bird dog gets on point, I always look for the bird. And it’s always there.

Harvey Taylor
Fayetteville, AR