V1 as first defense, flirting as backup

Every moment is a V1 Moment when I’m on the road! Besides having a weighty foot, I drive both an Acura TL and Porsche 911. You can guess which car they pick out in a pack, so I always have to be on Red Alert. I don’t know if it’s because there aren’t many Porsches in Chicago, because I’m a Woman, or just plain old Cha-Ching, but I’ve watched police cruiser jump medians, do U-Turns, cross double lines, and even speed ahead to set a trap for me while ignoring other speeding motorists.

My V1 catches them every time, giving me plenty of notice to watch my speed as I cruise innocently by. Call it bragging rights or horsepower envy, but getting profiled has become quite the common and humorous occurrence. One time a police officer followed me into a parking lot to ask how I knew he was pacing me miles back. I just pointed to my Valentine One and laughed while he shook his head. “Foiled again,” he said.

Sadly, I have to report after five years and over 100,000 miles of loyal service my V1 quit working. I’m sure tossing it back and forth between the two vehicles didn’t help, but mostly I blame my fix-it hubby’s feeble soldering attempts. My Valentine One never recovered from that surgery. No matter, as I’m ordering another V1 as replacement since I trust it implicitly. It has saved me numerous potential roadside encounters and, contrary to what most men believe, it is not always possible to flirt your way out of a bust.

So many thanks, Mike, for providing the ultimate strategic radar and laser warning system. I would rather forget my purse than drive without my V1.

Colleen Sommer
Batavia, IL