V1 earns a one-word review

I sat on the fence for so long, crawling through detector reviews and blogs until I finally made the move on the Valentine One.

I live in Los Angeles and recently took a job in San Jose. With the kids in school, I promised the missus I would work Monday-Friday and come home for the weekends for the next seven months. The dreaded Route 5 from San Jose to LA is a 300 mile killing field for the CHP.

I installed the V1 Friday night for my trip home. At mile 92 it pinged a hot CHP cruiser oncoming in the northbound lanes. Ok, impressive.

At mile 215 I was clipping along and noticed three vehicles closing from behind, just as I got a single forward chirp from V1 out of nowhere… interesting. Then a second chirp. I started to ease back a bit as V1 went to a steady paint of two bogeys ahead. Just then the convoy of three SUVs blew by at 90 plus. I, on the other hand, was on-the-numbers legal.

Ahead in the median I saw a plume of dust as two CHPs pulled out, all beacons flashing. NAILED! All three SUVs brought to justice!

Here’s the only word I can come up with for V1…phenomenal!

Scott Clark
Valencia, CA