V1 even sees the future

I’m eastbound on Highway 26 from Seaside, OR, to Portland, my girlfriend and 13-year-old son in the car. Ahead are two cars, the leader a slow poke, the second rarin’ to run. I get a quick blast of instant on; V1’s direction arrow tells me it’s oncoming.

I tell my passengers to watch what happens next as I sketch out what they’ll see. “Watch the impatient guy ahead of us. He’s going to pass really fast and the trooper–we can’t see him yet—is going to nail him!”

Sure enough…the hurry-up guy passes at maybe 75 in a 55-zone and immediately gets a facefull of instant-on Ka. Oncoming trooper goes by us, hits his lights, hangs a U and goes after Mr. Impatience. All my passengers can say is…”wow, that little black thing really works!!”

Mike Mac
Portland, OR

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