V1 Gen2 Calms the Raging Safety Bells and Buzzers

I have been a long-time V1 user. I recently bought a new 2020 BMW X5 with all the new safety stuff, including hand motion sensors. The V1 that I had was only a few years old, worked great with traffic and vehicles that had the blind spot detection. However, it would go nuts in my new BMW. What to do?

I researched what everyone was saying to see if there was a fix or another detector that would work. Everyone seemed just as lost as I was. When I called Valentine Research, I was told they were uncertain if there would be a conflict.

So I took a chance and went with the name I’ve been trusting. I sent my old V1 to my niece and ordered the new V1 Gen2. It arrived a few days ago; first thing I did was unpack and install, in the normal placement right under the rearview mirror.

Now I’m sure; there are no problems using it in a 2020 BMW X5 with all the new safety bells and buzzers. I didn’t have to disable a one of them.

Mike and his team have come through once again with an AWESOME product.

Karen Griffin
Fort Walton Beach, FL