V1 Gen2 is Simply Beyond Belief

The V1 Gen2 is my first V1. I immediately headed for the highway to test and within a few odo clicks I decided it was trash; for miles it just kept beeping. Could it be mistaking a collision avoidance radar for a police radar, possibly the one in my own car?

As I drove further, the beeping became more intense, then I saw a Highway Patrol vehicle partially concealed by the center pillar of a highway overpass, ready for a chase in the other direction.

I couldn’t believe it. Could it be that the V1 Gen2 detected this police cruiser from miles away? It kept beeping for around a mile once I passed. No way it’s that sensitive. Or could it be?

I was skeptical, but I had to know. It was a test drive so I exited and turned around. This time, I looked at the trip odometer. Yep, about one-mile detection range with the police cruiser in front of me, hidden behind a huge concrete pillar, and close to three miles once I passed the cruiser. All in busy traffic, and my car has both front and rear lane-change radars which do not seem to disturb Gen2 at all.

Be warned: this thing works so well it’ll change what you think you know about detectors.

Now I wish they made a motorcycle-specific version with separate front and rear sensors, and a high-intensity LED display. Team V1, if you’re listening, please do it.

William Banks
Mountain View, CA