V1 got the last word

As an engineer and a techno-geek, I tend to do a lot of research on a purchase and don’t mind spending extra money when I see value. Needless to say, my wife doesn’t always appreciate my “big ticket” items. I ordered my V1 about eight years ago and I can still hear her saying, “You spent HOW MUCH on a stupid radar detector?!”

Well, the years have gone by and we were coming home from taking our youngest to college. I was tired, so she was driving as we reminisced about all the years and all the stupid stuff I had bought. It was right then that V1 piped in with the ever-so-familiar Ka warning, just a quick hit, then silence. I knew from the tone, and the arrow, that we hadn’t been tagged yet. But there’s only one reason for Ka.

“You see, this thing just went off and not a cop to be seen,” she said.

“You might want to slow down a bit before we get over that hill ahead,” I suggested.

She agreed, and sure enough as we crested the hill, on came the Ka at full strength as we passed a State trooper tucked neatly in the median. She glanced over at me. “Don’t say a word!” she said.

The rest of the drive was very enjoyable. Thanks, V1.

Keith Urban
Kalamazoo, MI