V1 had my back

If you’ve driven from Houston to Dallas, you’re familiar with the heavy traffic on I-45 and some of the speed traps between the two cities. One of the downfalls of our state having no income tax is that the counties use radar tickets to fill their coffers, and the counties along I-45 are a prime example of how this works.

Perhaps the worst part of this trip is through Ellis County, running from twenty-some miles south of Ennis to a few miles north of Ferris. Along this stretch, the county has deliberately reduced the daytime speed limit from 70 to 65. Drivers used to driving 75 or so in a 70 are routinely stopped by radar along this stretch.

Around 5:30 one recent morning, I was running briskly in my Boxster with V1 on the passenger’s visor. Approaching a hill, I braked to 67 or so, and as I crested it, V1 immediately began alerting me with an arrow ahead. Since traffic was heavy, I merged to the right lane in front of a large truck, and just maintained the limit for a few minutes.

Wanting to pick up the pace again, and with a clear road ahead, V1 again began alerting me. This time the arrow pointed behind, and even though the truck was still a few hundred yards behind me, I eased back to the speed limit. I could see headlights just behind the truck, and every few minutes, as we rounded a curve, V1 would again warn me of radar behind.

Damn, this cop was good! He was playing his radar across the inside of a curve to try and catch me in front of the truck! This went on until the road straightened out, at which time I saw him flip to the other side of the interstate and go back the other way.

Until I got the V1, I’d never had the ability to see where these guys were coming from. Now, with the arrows, there’s never confusion about where they are and what they’re trying to do. V1, you’re the BEST.

Tom Kreiner
Spring, TX