V1 says, “Uh-uh”

I was rolling south down 51 Highway near Union City, TN, wasting no time, when V1 barked. I slowed to the limit. As I rounded the curve nearly one mile beyond, Tennessee’s finest were hard at work collecting road rent.

When I passed the set-up point a patrol unit pulled out and began to tail me. Within a few seconds the blue lights start their dance over my out-of-state license plates. My wife says, are you kidding me!

The officer shines his light in the 2013 GMC Sierra and asked me “what’s my hurry.” “I wasn’t speeding,” I said. With a solid voice he says he clocked me doing 80 in a 55 zone.

I pointed to V1 and said, “This is a $400 piece of radar equipment and I knew exactly where your radar was two miles before I got to it. And you didn’t clock anybody doing 80 because they would have passed me.”

He looked at me and said, “Have a safe trip.” I love my V1.

Ronnie Fiveash
Nebo, KY