V1 spoke when it counted

We took my Turbo Miata to Colorado. It’s fast, and the higher in altitude it goes, the better the turbo seems to breath. The route: Dallas to Colorado Springs–about 725 miles north to Amarillo, then on TX 87 through Dalhart into New Mexico. Just before we hit the border, near Perco, TX, there was a hit on Ka. Just a blip.

I was cooking pretty hot as the wife was rocked back and taking in the view. So the blip made me ease off the heat, thinking “V1 is not talkin’ to me here in the middle of nowhere for no reason.” At the second blip, I eased another click, this blip just a tad longer.

A mile ahead the road crested a hill, and as I broke over—BAM—brute-force instant-on. Then silence.

Another 400 feet farther—BAM—another blast. Two in fast succession like that, it brought my wife back into the present tense.

“What’s that,” she blurted.

“Honey, that’s the sound of money well spent.”

Chris Cersley
Mckinney, TX