V1 versus the dust collector

I have a V1 and an Escort Redline. The Redline is in the closet collecting dust. Why? Because, as a detector enthusiast, I want the best of the best, and there is no path for improvement with the Redline. Escort just wants to sell you a new model.

V1 is a different story. Kudos to Mike Valentine for continuously improving the technology in V1, especially on K-band falses, and for offering upgrades so we users can keep up with developing problems.

As the number of cars equipped with Blind Spot Monitoring systems increases, a formerly good detector becomes useless if it can’t tell real radar from the false K-band transmitted by a blind-spot system in a nearby car. Valentine has figured that out.

And special kudos for V1’s ESP technology and for V1connection, the app. Together they open the door to V1 owners and software developers so they can tweak V1 programing to suit personal expectations.

Today, if you’re not improving, you’re falling further behind.

Glenn Batchelor
Fairport, NY