Wait till next time

My 2008 V1 was freaking out, apparently maddened by the junky K-band signals from nanny warning systems intended to keep drivers from caroming off each other. So I sent it in for an upgrade.

The good news: the turn-around was an amazingly-short five days. The bad news: on day three I got pulled over for 62 mph in a 55 zone. Hadn’t had a ticket since 2006.

I was using the Escort 7500 that V1 had replaced all those years ago, which never stopped beeping, by the way.

Now that my V1 is back, my first comment is that the arrows are just amazing. I missed them more than breakfast. Second comment: If I ever send my V1 in again, I’ll get a backup V1 first. It’s the same price as a ticket and the obligatory traffic school and, unlike the ticket-and-school choice, I’d have something of value when the deed is done.

Stefan Finn
Laveen, AZ

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