Was there life before V1?

I’ve owned several radar detectors but never a Valentine One. Too expensive, I thought, but my Passport let me down … got me a speeding ticket.

Instead of stepping up to the new Passport 9500ix, I saved up for a V1. I told my wife when I ordered it. She was upset at the price, but said “okay” if it was for my birthday and Christmas.

As a diplomatic gesture, I put it in her car the first day, so she could see for herself the value of $399 well spent. After seeing it in action she coyly asked, “Are you going leave that in my car?”

I had to buy a second one, but I’ve been ticket free for two years and so is she. Happy wife, happy life! We now have a third car so I’m sure a third V1 is in my future, for a Christmas-and-birthday gift, of course! Once you see V1 on the job, you wonder how you ever drove without one. Just ask my wife.

Willy Tay
Bartlett, IL