Waze or A Radar Detector, You Decide

There are quite a few who believe all you need is Waze.  But Waze won’t protect you from a patroller with moving radar!

For example, I was driving along the I-95 Corridor in the Northeast earlier today.  My Valentine 1 Gen2 started giving Ka warnings from the rear.  A minute later, a car passed me at a good clip, probably doing 80 in a 55-mph zone.  V1 was on full furious alert now.  

A few moments later a State Police cruiser came up on that car’s tail.  The driver never slowed down.   After nearly a minute of tailing the car, the Trooper’s light bar went on, and both pulled over to the side of the road.  That was a ticket sure as mud resides in puddles.  If the driver was relying solely on Waze, of course he never saw the radar coming.  Since the Trooper was running Ka radar, the driver would have been alerted just as I had been if he had a V1.             

The moral of the story, NEVER rely solely on Waze; it can’t save you from moving radar.

David Grover
Cranston, RI