West Texas, where V1 takes a long view

A friend and I were riding V1-armed motorcycles near the Big Bend Region of Texas, from Marfa south to Presidio on US67. In the flatlands of west Texas, my V1 can detect bogeys miles away, and outside of Marfa we got a single Ka hit.

If you have V1’s audio plugged in to your headset, you quickly learn the nuances of its warnings. Where a single Ka blip may not be reason for concern near the city, wake up and pay full attention if you’re out in wide-open spaces. We got two or three more brief, full-strength alerts, then a long silence. Five miles down the road we came on an ambushing State Trooper zapping the upstream road for victims. Of course we were “V1-aware” and we eased by his position with no surprises.

Funny thing, though–after we passed his location and were out of sight, our V1s went to full Ka alert from the rear!

You guessed it—LEO pulled back onto the highway and tried to sneak up from behind. But V1 was watching that way, too, thanks to its rear facing antenna. We made it to Presidio that day, V1 having slipped us past all further suspicions.

Stephen Slisz
Bedford, TX

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