What mom really needs

I was driving home tonight through a small town. I had just passed a truck when V1 chirped the distinct sound of radar, arrow pointing ahead. I immediately slowed, and the truck zoomed by me. As I follow him over a bridge, V1 chirps again, indicating two radars ahead. The truck continues to pull away while I keep to 40 and scan the darkness for the two gunners.

I see the first one just as the truck goes past him. Naturally the red-and-blues come on and the truck is a goner. That should have been me! But it gets better.

As I pass the bust, the rear arrow lights up but the ahead arrow stays on. One still ahead. Then V1 chirps again—two ahead. Knowing that, I maintain 40 up the next hill. At the top, there they are, two more enforcers serving as witnesses to my innocence.

At that point I thought to myself, “Geez! If I didn’t have the arrows, I would have sped up and gotten nailed coming over the hill.” And the opportunities kept coming up all the way through town, seven radar units in all.

At the last one, a small voice came from the backseat, “Wow! You’ve got to get a Valentine for mom!”

Hmmm, Mother’s Day is coming up.

Devin Foley
Apple Valley, MN