When K isn’t Junk-K

I don’t leave home without my V1, so the trip to the Sunshine State from Tennessee was no different. V1 was working like a charm … wait, I didn’t tell you I hadn’t upgraded yet.

I was just lazy and I didn’t want to spend the money, so I would just hit “Mute” on all of those junky K-band alerts.

Well, this time it was K, but not Junk-K, that I had muted. I was cruising through South Carolina on Interstate 26. Who knew the state troopers still used K band?

This nice man wanted me to have a ticket to the Policeman’s Ball. The ticket was $275, which made the $289 upgrade I had avoided look like a pretty good deal.

I knew better, but saving up some money for a go-to-the-beach trip seemed like a good idea, till it wasn’t.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, now I’ve shipped my trusty V1 back to V1 Hdqrs to get upgraded before next trip. Thanks for a great product. I paid for the ticket but skipped out on the dance. I figure I’d already faced the music.

Greg Ware
Kingsport, TN