Where’s the Fire?

My uncle and aunt were in town for a few weeks from England. About twenty years back, they visited Las Vegas; we decided to head down again for another look.

While driving on one of those super-boring desert roads leading to Vegas from northern California, I made the mistake of passing a fire truck going way too fast, figuring “they can’t pull me over.” But after passing it, no matter how fast we went, the fire truck was in my mirror; it wasn’t fading back to the horizon like countless other cars had. It didn’t take long to realize that it had called in the cavalry.

Within twenty minutes, V1 started to beep Ka, faint, but there. Right away, I slowed to 75, the speed limit, and hit the cruise control. A minute or so after the first warning, I saw the cruiser on the opposite side of the road. It quickly U-turned; now it’s following me.

For the next ten, white-knuckle, minutes he’s behind me with this radar on full blast (I had pulled down the visors so he couldn’t spot the V1 from behind). Seeing that I’m going the speed limit, he loses interest and pulls another U-turn to try for bigger payoff.

After V1 said it was all clear, I eased up the pace and got into Vegas in good time. How am I supposed to give my V1, for even a few days, for the Pop upgrade when it works so well now? Thanks Mike!

Bob Chen
Sunnyvale, CA