Who ya’ gonna trust?

I had one of Mike’s “original” Escort Radar Detectors from Cincinnati Microwave in the early 1980’s. It really worked.

Traveling with my Dad one time in his car, he said, “Those things don’t work.” Oh, yeah? I stuck it on his dash as we were driving on I-26 east toward Charleston, SC, from Orangeburg. It hadn’t finished its start up sequence and was already brapping. I told him to slow down. He said it was a false alarm but soon we came to a trooper in the median who flashed his lights at us. After that he slowed at each warning and bought his own Escort the next day.

Years later he bought a Rocky Mountain detector with jammer. Uh-oh.

My friend has one of those things, too, and while traveling to a show one time we ran V1 and his Rocky in a test, opposite sides of the same dash. Between the earlier detection of V1—no jammer required—and the arrows telling us where to look, it was a no brainer. He bought a V1 the next day. And I had to warn my Dad again about the right instrument to use—trust only in a unit designed and built by Mike Valentine.

Dallas Lovelace
New Smyrna Beach, FL