Wild Weasel on I-75

Before I was sent back to Vietnam the second time, I was trained as a Wild Weasel pilot. Wild Weasel is an Air Force nickname for fighter pilots and electronic warfare officers who are specially trained to detect and interpret radar signals with the goal of keeping enemy radars from threatening friendly aircraft, especially in the target area. Because of my background, I recognized that V1 was going to be different from all the others. But how good would it be for laser detections?

On several occasions I have anticipated a laser trap—I-75 just north of Knoxville is a good bet—and Mike’s manual is spot on: watch for a trooper parked broadside, just over the top of a hill. The zap will be quick and deadly.

Before my eyes could see the unmarked car, V1 responded with three instant bars and a loud European wail. I love the Valentine because it reliably detects signals and, especially, how it quickly resolves confusing signals and gives you the “J” display when the signal is corrupted. As an electronic warfare professional, it is easy to recognize the quality of the Valentine system and it’s fun to know what is going on around the car; tactical aviators call that “Situational Awareness.” My V1 is worth every penny I paid for it.

Marty Noel
San Diego, CA