Will the real radar please identify itself?

I’ve driven with the V1 for several years now and appreciate its ability to locate and identify radar. That appreciation rose to a whole new level this past weekend.

Heading south down a well-travelled road, V1 indicated both K and Ka radar ahead and to the side. The radar count rapidly rose to four signals. There are an abundance of stores and shops with automatic doors along this road. V1 identified the Ka signal ahead as the primary threat, and refused to be won over by the additional off axis signals that were getting stronger as I went up a hill.

As I crested the hill, I could see what the deal was. There were two patrol cars in the median at the bottom of the hill, one headed north, the other south. As it turns out, the northbound guy was the source of the Ka signal correctly identified as the primary threat. The southbound guy was using K band for the northbound traffic, disguised among the off axis signals from the stores.

V1 never faltered in identifying the real threat in this confusing nest of signals. Well done!

Larry Toffoletto
Morristown, TN