You can’t beat this return policy

My wife used to turn off my radar detectors because they went off nonstop. “What’s the use,” she would say. It was so annoying we nearly stopped using them.

But then we were planning a trip to Georgia from New Jersey. I suggested we try a V1, which I had heard only a little about but it was all very positive. I told her we could return it in 30 days, so we couldn’t lose. To be honest, I had every intention of returning it immediately after the trip.

Well, in North Carolina, as we were hurrying along V1 starts beeping. And beeping… and beeping…it feels like we drove three-quarters of a mile, maybe more, before we topped a hill, and there on the other side, sitting in the median with his nose pointed toward us, was a State Trooper working the oncoming traffic. We looked at each other in disbelief; this thing really works.

It was at this moment we agreed to get one for her car as well.

Oliver Solomon
North Caldwell, NJ