V1 Accompanied by a “Higher Power”

I was cruising easy in my 2016 Challenger Hellcat when V1 chirped. I looked around and saw an everyday Dodge Charger on my right. Maybe he just wanted to say hello. Just then a guy astride a crotch rocket jetted past on my left, wanted me to chase him. Nah! In a finger snap the … continued

As V1 is My Witness

I was driving my red Corvette to west Texas and had just exited Interstate 20 to State Highway 84. A black Honda blew by me on the broad winding turn to the north. I sped up just to see how fast he was going…95 mph! I eased back and set the cruise to 72 mph. … continued

Saved from Something Worse Than a Ticket

I spend a lot of time driving on a rural road called the “Devils Backbone.” I always have my V1 with me even though it’s not a high-speed road by any means, too many hard twists and turns with few guardrails and drop-offs hundreds of feet down. One evening on my commute, V1 lit up … continued

The Heinie Saved was my Own

Living in Calabasas, CA, the nearby Santa Monica mountain roads are a sports car driver’s delight. I take off early, around 5:00 am, to enjoy the twisties all by myself. Lots of tight curves where the speed limit is 35 mph but 45-50 is easy in my roadster. At about 5:30 this morning, V1 screams … continued

When a Stranger Becomes a Fast Friend

My first V1 arrived about a week before the start of a coast-to-coast run, also a first for me. With such a short get-acquainted time, I hit the road knowing I had to go to school on what the various beeps meant and which ones needed my immediate attention. After a few hundred miles I … continued

The Bogey Counter saves again

I drive the same four-mile undulating stretch of road to work every day. There are two Your-Speed-Is radar signs along the route about two miles apart. Between is a small shopping center frequently used as an ambush point. So I expect to have one false alarm on each end of my trip and, occasionally, another … continued

Saved by the counter

Driving down A1A in my part of Florida, the officers still use K-band radar. Mixed in with the various speed signs, door openers, and certain cars柚azdas, particularly葉his is always fun. No radar detector is innocent of this confusion; it’s physically impossible. Figuring out what’s what is difficult, but having V1 on duty gives me a … continued

Speed wasn’t his mistake

This is the second time in 40 years I have been stopped for speeding. I was on the Interstate in Georgia. We were driving an unfamiliar rental car and after stopping for fuel, I accidentally disconnected my V1, which I did not realize until a half-hour later when I was hauled over for 83 in … continued

They were hunters and they were hunting

Dateline–New Jersey Garden State Parkway, southbound at 7:00am: Fourties, 4 State Troopers along a 90-mile stretch, all hidden in ambush, all running instant-on radar. My Valentine warned me each time, way in advance, and saved me four of those dreaded roadside conversations and at least 10 points. Love this detector! Larry Chaityn New York, NY

Impatience and no V1, tsk, tsk

This is eerily similar to a V1 Moment you ran a few months ago. I drive a new Corvette and everyone wants to race away from stoplights. Sorry, pal, but I save my racing for the track, thank you. On my way to a nearby beach a few days ago I was cruising at a … continued