But Wait, There’s More!

I was traveling amongst a group of cars on the interstate.  My Valentine One started chirping.  Everyone slowed down as we went by a highway patrol car that was sitting on an on-ramp. As soon as we passed the authority figure, everyone sped back up.  But instead of the arrow pointing rearward to the patroller … continued

So Much Saving You’d Think It Was A Bank

I started using countermeasures back in the sixties with something called a Fuzzbuster.  Sixty years hence I now have five Valentines all upgraded to V1 Gen2.  Have they saved me much unpleasantness?  Is there a cow in Texas? We drove the Mountain Mille last year, a rally for vintage cars through challenging roads in the … continued

Oblivious Until He Wasn’t

I was east bound on Interstate 86 between Erie, PA, and Jamestown, NY. About 15 miles short of Jamestown my Valentine One Gen2 let out a little chirp, then another, then another, each one closer to the next one, until the warning finally went solid. I looked in my mirror and saw a black BMW … continued

No Stops but for Gas

We travel to Laramie, Wyoming, at least six times each year in a half-ton pickup, a 1,400-mile round trip. I bought a Valentine One Gen 2 just for these road trips. Here’s what I have learned: 1) Only a small percentage–around 8-10 percent–of the law enforcement vehicles we encounter on the road are running radar. … continued

LEO in a Gas Station

I had just read a V1 Moment about LEOs in gas stations. It’s not that I had never seen a LEO at the gas station that I pass going to my house, but gas was under two bucks the gallon at the time. How long has that been? Needless to say, I wasn’t expecting a … continued

And All Will be Revealed in Due Time

I was stopped at a red light. V1 was warning of one bogey ahead. Oncoming traffic waiting on the other side of the light was queued up way back down the hill to the next traffic light. All of a sudden, V1 alerted again, this time reporting five bogeys ahead at full signal strength. First, … continued

Seeing is Definitely Believing

I’m heading down US highway 1 in Florida, between Martin and Palm Beach counties, in my muscled-up Audi, V1 Gen2 on duty just in case someone out there should object to my pace. Take right now, for example, as a Ka alert slowly strengthens to the max. I back down to a LEO-friendly pace. A … continued

When Warning Distance Goes from Long to Gratifying

At a hillcrest, V1 started chirping about a weak Ka ahead. A mile passes, then another, then more still, yet the warning barely strengthens. I’m guessing that a Ka patroller is ahead, rolling the same direction I am. It has to be ahead and moving; there’s no way V1 can pick up a stationary signal … continued

Beyond the Shiny Promise, Uh-Oh!

My V1 Gen2 is superior to my original V1, fewer false alerts. I have two Golf GTIs, a 2003 and a 2018. I wanted a new detector for the newer GTI. A Uniden R7 looks more in-tune with the 2018’s interior design so I bought that. Love the looks, love the GPS speed display and … continued

Another Evening, Another Radar Prowler

For dinner one recent evening I drove 100 miles from Marin to Sonoma County on the 101 N. On the way back, V1 was picking up radar behind us, apparently short bursts of instant-on as an enforcer behind us was zapping oncoming traffic. Four of us were in the car and a woman in back … continued