When a Stranger Becomes a Fast Friend

My first V1 arrived about a week before the start of a coast-to-coast run, also a first for me. With such a short get-acquainted time, I hit the road knowing I had to go to school on what the various beeps meant and which ones needed my immediate attention.

After a few hundred miles I was feeling pretty good about my new little partner. The first encounter was in Arizona, straight out of California—speed trap under a shaded bridge on a steep downhill. V1 lit up miles in advance. It kept beeping and beeping faster until I spotted the tucked-in hunter. WOW! That first hit made me a believer.

Over the course of a few months being away from home I felt a new ease in my F150. Maybe I do tend to drive a bit fast. I dodged five ticket-producing encounters on that trip, even one that was laser–I got a bounce off a car ahead, pulled to the middle lane, and the car behind me came by and got nabbed. So awesome!

Now I just let V1 talk. It’s like listening to an old friend. I have it up in my windshield by the mirror, not so conspicuous to others that way, and my Concealed Display is down where only I can see it. SAVVY is plugged is into its port where I can adjust as appropriate. I really love this setup. Thanks for the terrific product.

Matt Jewell
Campbell, CA