When GPS is too smart by half

Near my home is a high school. The town decided to install one of those annoying speed monitors that tell how fast you are going. For some reason, in their infinite wisdom, they put the monitor beyond the school zone where you’re heading away from the place you should be cautious. My old GPS-enabled detector had long since memorized this location and was silent as I approached.

When I purchased my V1, I was afraid I was taking a step back by nowbeing alerted to all false alarms I could no longer mark. But there was something about Mike’s GPS logic that made me think V1 was a good investment.

A few days ago, I was approaching the monitor when my Valentine registered two signals instead of one. Sure enough, some enterprising LEO had decided to make quota by parking around the corner, just behind the speed indicator.

I now completely understand why Mike designed his detector the way he did. Thank you, Mike. No more GPS detectors for me.

Raymond Sturz
Cortlandt Manor, NY