Bogey, Bogey, Where’s the Bogey?

I’ve been a frequent traveler between traveler between Houston and Dallas over the last three years and I thought I’d seen it all…until last week.

North of Fairfield is a nice little rest stop. It just happens to have a return ramp to I45 that’s totally obscured from freeway traffic, something that never registered on me before. On this trip, another driver picked up on the fact that I had a radar detector and was shadowing me. As I came past that entry ramp, V1 sang out an urgent signal and I did the right thing. I have to admit I was confused. The signal was strong and from the rear. I knew that my Valentine wouldn’t lie; I just couldn’t see the “bogey.”

Well, it didn’t take long to find him as he flew by me on his way to snagging my shadow who hadn’t been watching his six.

Only on the return drive could I see the perfect “bogey” set up. Fortunately, it wasn’t quite perfect enough to beat V1.

Steven Parker
Cypress, TX