Plug-in stress reliever

I live in a state that has absolute speed limits, which means you can be ticketed for one mph over the posted. Over the years, state and county LEOs have been on a crusade to bring the entire driving public into decimal-point compliance with the posted digits.

Let me say up front that I am retired and have never received a speeding ticket in almost fifty years of driving. Why, then, would I own a V1? It’s simple. From my rural home I drive about a dozen miles into town every day. And I want to know where these highwaymen are so I can double check my speed and adjust as necessary before they get a good read on me.

V1 is so sensitive it gives me a heads up long before I near the source, uphill, downhill, around curves, doesn’t seem to matter. V1 just works. When I’m in another vehicle without it, I feel vulnerable. If you are reading this and debating “should I or shouldn’t I?” I say go ahead; not having protection is not worth the stress. And if you are thinking about another detector, forget it; don’t throw away your money.

Thanks, Mike, V1 is all it’s cracked up to be.

Timothy Courtney
Rio, IL