When V1 speaks, listen up

I had a V1 back in the early 2000s. Loved it, but life changed and it got lost in a move. Fast forward to now; I bought a Porsche 911, so it’s V1 time again.

Road-trip time, too. Cruising up the freeway, I start getting some seemingly random Ka hits. Too random to take seriously, I thought, but I had this nagging premonition. Up ahead there’s a slight bend followed by a hill, and the strength indicator is slowly creeping up. Finally, self-preservation intrudes and I chop the cruise control to ease back a bit. The guy behind doesn’t like it and feints left, jinks right, trying to find a way around. Finally, he breaks free and high-tails up the rise. Not me, though, I’ve made my choice and I’m hanging back.

When I clear the crest, sure as sunrise, I see flashing lights up ahead. As I cruise past, yep, it’s the same guy who couldn’t wait to jump on the gas. Once again, I love my V1.

Brian Stevener
North Las Vegas, NV